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    Post  F.M.H.B. on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:58 pm

    Welcome to the Colloquium! For your convenience, let's lay out the points and purposes of the various areas.

    New members to the site will notice that their access is limited to only viewing the Central Hall and Academy areas. Do not distress: there are other areas, and access to them will be explained.

    There are three main components of the Colloquium: the Central Hall, the Acadamy, and the Wings.

    The Central Hall is where all members have access and can post. It is for less serious conversations, as well as topics concerning the growth and development of the forum. The Central hall is divided into 3 areas: the Atrium, the Hub, and the Office.

    The Atrium is where you should go first if you are a new member. It explains the layout, purpose, and general guidelines for the forum and its uses.

    The Hub is where the general occurrences of the forum take place, with gentle unstructured topics and talk about the forum and the people on it.

    The Office is where forum updates will be posted. In addition, if you have a complaint or suggestion, the proper threads can be found there as well.

    The Central Hub is designed as a general hangout for all members, and has virtually no restrictions on access or content posting.

    The Academy is where new members can post their introductions (done at the Reception Desk) and fill out a simple Examination proving you are human which will allow access to the on-topic section of the site, the wings.

    The Wings are three sections dedicated to seminar based discussions. These discussions are monitored for appropriateness, and while almost anything goes, members are asked to please remember to not make things personal.

    The Aristotelean Wing focuses on art and science related discussions, as well as topics concerning the environment. The Platonic Wing focuses entertainment topics, as well as discussions on mythology and politics. The Socratic Wing is dedicated to topics about philosophy, religion, and history. Remember, access to the Wings will only be granted after taking the Examination to prove that you are indeed a human capable of thought and not just a robot wanting to spam.

    After taking the Examination, members will gain rank and new access with the number of posts they post. The more contributions, the higher rank you have. Some new areas to such members will be open once they obtain a high enough rank.

    The site is designed to be a place where friends discuss their thoughts, and where ideas and understanding should always be foremost. If you have any questions regarding the site, need to report a problem which needs fixing, or just want to chat, the Arbiters and Pacifiers (the site's moderators) as well as the Colloquiarch (the site administrator) will always be more than willing to oblige.

    I hope you found this navigation guide helpful. Please enjoy your virtual stay on the Colloquium, where questioning is encouraged.

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