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    Post  F.M.H.B. on Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:38 am

    In order to make this a place of informal talk and discussion, there are several rules which must be followed for the continued enjoyment and use of this forum. The general law of the land is as follows:

    1. Hurtful content is not allowed. Anything which can be construed as hurtful is subject to review for banning. This includes (but is not limited to) threats, harassment, sexism, racism, things which are unnecessarily obscene and vulgar, lies, trolling, slander, flaming, blatant stupidity, and other offensive content which is detrimental to the physical/emotional/psychological/social to any person.

    2. Tampering with the site is strictly prohibited. Any member caught hacking, spamming, registering multiple accounts, leaking passwords, hijacking other member's profiles, or otherwise tampering with the forum will be subject to an immediate ban.

    3. Keep the drama off the forum. If you have an issue with another member, settle it in private messages. If you wish to stir drama on the forum with a complaint or comment about the site, take it to one of the moderators. This forum will not tolerate such personal issues being posted all over the site and as such the user responsible is subject to review for banning.

    4. Judge the idea, not the person. This forum is designed to be a place of heated discussion and heavy debate. We all have different ideas and we need to respect that and know that it is not a personal thing. As such, there will come times when you may feel personally attacked or victimized and will feel the need to attack a person. At this point the discussion has become a fight, and the users engaged will be asked to move the issue to private messages or be subject to review for banning.

    5. Think before you post. In the heat of the moment, you will most likely say something you will regret. This forum encourages members to think before they post about what their words mean and how it will affect others. The best prevention for being banned is by editing what you say if you think it will cause harm or be hurtful. If you think it is too personal or hurtful, then please do not post it all, and maybe come back when you have a clearer mind to better express your thoughts.

    6. Keep it legal and decent. We follow laws because have to. There will be discussions on inappropriate topics for minors, and there will also be discussions that verge on the illegal. Infringing on this gentle balance in any way is not tolerated, and the user who posts such content will not only be banned but also will be subject to criminal investigations as to the nature of such illegal activity..

    7. Find the truth. We live in world populated by falsehoods. Lies impede growth and understanding and mar the truth. Some lies can border on the slanderous side and cross into criminal issues. While lies specific to discussion are discouraged but tolerated depending on their severity, slanderous lies which are clearly neither the truth or help promote the positive nature of this forum will not be tolerated and the user responsible is subject to review for banning.

    This is a place for people to open up their minds. We are all here to encourage the development of us as human beings. These rules are all we ask of our members to maintain. Remember these simple seven rules, and we can make this place an enjoyable experiment into community, mind, and humanity.

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